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Meet Our Team

Executive Director

Born and raised in Ohio, Josh Kuszmaul grew up raising various breeds of poultry and game birds on his family farm.  With a passion for birds, he attended The Ohio State University and earned a degree in Animal Science/Wildlife Science. After graduation, he began his career as an intern at The World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri where he developed a passion for raptors, particularly owls. He later served as an Assistant Supervisor for the bird show at the Stone Zoo in Massachusetts and as a bird trainer at the Kansas City Zoo. Having worked with birds including parrots, raptors, hornbills, and more, he wants to continue to grow and expand his knowledge.  One of his passions is to connect children with nature in a manner that is both fun and educational. As the Director of RH, Josh has devoted his life to educating others on conservation of raptors and will continue to be known as the “bird man”.

General Curator

Amy VanLew grew up in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Her love for wildlife prompted her to join the Philadelphia Zoo’s Conservation Education department, where she worked for five years. It was during
this time that she developed a passion for birds and animal training. After graduating from high school, Amy moved to Canton, Ohio to attend Malone University and study Zoo and Wildlife biology. Between
her junior and senior year of college, she spent the summer in Escondido, California interning at Avian Behavior International in hopes of continuing to develop her understanding of bird training. During this internship, she was given the opportunity to work with raptors for the first time, and was immediately captivated by them. After returning to Ohio, Amy looked for ways she could continue working with birds of prey, which led her to begin volunteering at Raptor Hallow Sanctuary. She quickly fell in love with Raptor Hallow’s mission and now serves as the Sanctuary’s General Curator. Amy is excited to use her passion for bird training to inspire others to take action for bird conservation.


Katelyn Vannoy, DVM was born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Tufts Veterinary school in Massachusetts and still works at a small animal hospital. While there she volunteered a lot at the wildlife hospital on campus where she found she wanted to continue to work with wildlife where she could, When she met the Sanctuary’s director and shared the same passion she started volunteering with Raptor Hallow. When Dr. Vannoy is not working she loves to travel and has volunteered at low cost animal clinics around the world. She has traveled to the Cook Islands and the Galapagos so far and hopes to continue to travel and help those animals in remote areas. Katelyn is passionate about animal conservation and spreading the message on how to people can help. She is excited to see where Raptor Hallow continues to grow and hopes to continue to provide a place where non-releasable animals can reside.

Volunteer Coordinator

Kim Kuszmaul was born and raised in Ohio. Growing up she and her family raised chickens and rabbits. Kim went to school to be a nurse and has held that occupation for 34 years. Her interest in birds came from her son, Josh Kuszmaul, when they started raising pheasants and chickens while he was growing up. Kim says her favorite bird to handle are the owls. Kim has been apart of Raptor Hallow's outreach programs for education and conservation since 2016. Kim is very dedicated to helping Raptor Hallow succeed because she believes facilities like ours are needed for birds that cannot be released back into the wild.

Marketing Director

Becky Anzalone has a soft spot for non-profits; she has been volunteering with multiple organizations since childhood. She attended the University of Akron and received her B.F.A. in Graphic Design with a Public Relations minor. While at college, she joined a sorority and was immersed in the non-profit world even more. She was introduced to the event planning and marketing aspects and wanted to do much more.

Since then, she has created marketing campaigns for fundraisers, 
schools, career technical centers, levies, and small businesses. Becky is very excited to help RH grow and strive to teach our community about preservation and conservation! 

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